Farnham Charity Bike Ride

The Farnham Charity Bike Ride has a new website! Check it out, register for this year’s event, and see all the latest news at: https://farnhamcharitybikeride.co.uk/


Fun Riders

If you love riding through the countryside, passing winding streams of crystal clear water, through cosy villages and stunning woodland, then we’ve got two looped routes for you to enjoy.

Sweet Sixteen

This is a lovely route through the local hills and valleys. It’s perfect for families with younger kids who might find the longer routes too daunting. But it’s not all plain sailing because there’s 1,200 feet of climbing to take on. Luckily we’ve got a refreshment point to keep you and your bikes well oiled.

Start time: 09:30, Length: 16 miles.

Strava Route / Garmin Course

The Classic

This is our original route and still our favourite. It features 1,800 feet of climbing up challenging but doable hills, two refreshment points, and loads of fabulous sites to enjoy; up and over the Surrey and Hampshire hills.

Start time: 09:00, Length: 25 miles.

Strava Route / Garmin Course

Longer Routes

If you’re looking for two challenging rides to get those legs tuned up for that big race later in the summer, then we’ve got two circular routes through the stunning hills around Surrey and Hampshire. They’re designed to test everyone from keen amateurs to club riders and beyond.

The Big Fifty

The 50-mile route includes 3,400 feet of climbing, three refreshment points, and follows the 75-mile route until Colemore, near Selborne. It then makes its way towards Hawkley, where the routes join up again.

Start time: 08:30, Length: 50 miles.

Strava Route / Garmin Course (2023 Diversion)

Butser or Bust

This route has 5,400 feet of climbing, five refreshment points, and is a real test! After leaving the 50-mile route, it heads south to East Meon, then up Butser Hill, before turning north at Chalton. It goes through the villages of Buriton, Langrish and Steep, before re-joining the 50-mile route near Hawkley. You’ll sleep well after finishing this route in a good time.

Start time: 08:00, Length: 75 miles.

Strava Route / Garmin Course (2023 Diversion)

Route Difficulty

16 and 25 mile routes

It is strongly recommended that children under 10 be attached to the adult’s bicycle, e.g. bike seat or tagalong, as there are some steep hills and it’s a long way! It is solely the responsibility of the named adult rider to decide whether children are sufficiently competent and fit enough to complete the ride.

50 mile route

This is a testing ride and not recommended for children under the age of 16.

75 mile route

This is a challenging ride and should only be attempted by riders confident of completing the distance in the time available. Routes are closed at around 4pm.

On The Day Information

Before The Ride

  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy, safe and serviceable.
  • Remember to bring helmet/s, puncture kit, refreshments, appropriate clothing, your phone and anything else you may need.
  • Download and install What3Words, you can use it on the day if there is a situation and we need to know exactly where you are.
  • Parking – There are a number of car parks in Farnham that you can park in, Central Car Park and Upper Hart being the best choices. And they are free as it’s a Sunday. Remember Castle Street is closed so don’t try and come down Folly Hill!
  • The central car park toilets will be open if you need to use them before your ride.

Start Times

  • 75 mile: 08:00
  • 50 mile: 08:30
  • 25 mile: 09:00
  • 16 mile: 09:30

At The Start

  • Use the bike racking in the middle of the street while you check-in
  • Please check-in on arrival at Castle Street (centre of the map) and collect your Rider Number so that we know who is on the road.
  • Please allow time to collect your Rider Number before your route’s allocated start time.
  • Please attach your Rider Number to your bike’s handlebars so marshals can see it (cable ties will be provided).
  • All riders must be registered and away by 10.00 so we can prepare the Finish!
  • Don’t ask friends or family to drive around the course following you in cars. Get them to go on ahead, before the start, and cheer you on at one of the stages en route.

During The Ride

  • It is not a race – the aim is to enjoy the Ride and raise money for local charities.
  • Be considerate of other Riders, particularly at the start when everyone is bunched together.
  • If you have agreed to supervise a younger rider, they are entirely your responsibility. Don’t ride off ahead and leave them, even if they are a little slower than you would prefer.
  • Please abide by the Highway Code – you do not have priority over other road users.
  • Particularly with horses and also pedestrians slow down and give them a wide berth. Bells are useful!
  • In built up areas, particularly villages with no footpaths, be considerate of your speed as there may be pedestrians and children about.
  • Follow the yellow/orange triangle signs (the different colours don’t mean anything). Look out for caution signs (e.g. due to junction, steep hill) and for route splits.
  • If you’ve gone more than 1km without seeing one of our signs you’ve likely gone the wrong way.
  • Obey all instructions given by the Police or Route Marshals.
  • Ride in single file and do not try any dangerous passing. Keep to the nearside of the road.
  • There are a few places where we’d like you to take extra care, for example crossing busy roads. You do not have any special right of way!
  • Take great care approaching on descents and bends on narrower minor roads, there may be cars coming the other way. If you can’t see 30-40 metres ahead of you then slow down and keep tight left.
  • The roads are not perfect, there will be occasional pot holes and bumpy surfaces and even gravel. We’ve got the council to fill in potholes where we can and we will have made an effort to sweep the gravel where it’s particularly bad.
  • Keep your distance from the bike in front, do not go too fast downhill, signal if you intend to turn and do not stop suddenly.
  • If your bike breaks down or if you want to pack up, stay with your bike by the side of the road until a Marshal arrives. Please don’t go home without telling a Marshal or we could waste a lot of time looking for you.
  • Refreshment points will be positioned around the course but you might want to bring some drinks with you, especially if it is a hot day. Still drinks are best and we strongly advise against drinking any alcohol before or during the Ride.
  • The Marshal and Refreshment points will be well signposted on the day.
  • Please do not drop litter or ride over grass verges, take litter home or deposit at a refreshment point.

What To Do If Something Happens

  • In an emergency, always dial 999 first and then event control
  • Event control can be contact for non-emergency medical issues, we have St Johns Ambulance ready to be dispatched, the number will be confirmed on the day.
  • For any other ride issues, eg mechanical or if you need recovery contact the Marshal Coordinator on [number to be confirmed on the day] and we will get someone to you as soon as we are able.
  • Both these numbers can be found on of your Rider Number.
  • All marshals and refreshment points have first aid kits for any minor injuries.
  • Refreshment points will also have a pump and a limited stock of spare inner tubes.

At The End

  • Please aim to return to Castle Street by 14:30 and check in with Ride Control. They will present you with your well-deserved medal.
  • Leave carefully and responsibly. If other riders are arriving – DO NOT CROSS their path.

Staying Safe

Our prime concern is for the safety and well-being of all participants in the ride.

We apply a “NO HELMET, NO RIDE” policy – riders will be turned back at the start if they are not correctly wearing a proper cycle helmet. No quibbles. No exceptions.

All our routes are fully signed and marshalled to stop you getting lost, or helping out if you’ve got a problem. We’ve chosen courses away from the busier roads to keep you safe and fume free. We’ll also have bike mechanics on hand to help with any last minute maintenance.