Charity Christmas Trees

Each year, Farnham Round Table purchase and deliver Christmas Trees in the local area. The organisation and delivery are managed by volunteers, so all profits go straight into our charitable giving account to support local good causes.


Charity Christmas trees offered by Farnham Round Table in support of local good causes. All trees will be premium grade Nordmann Firs, and will be hand delivered by our team of volunteers. Pre-order yours for delivery on either Saturday 4th December, or Saturday 11th December using the following links:

For delivery on 4th December orders must be placed before 25th November, and for delivery on 11th December orders must be placed before 2nd December.

Please note that we are a Farnham based charity – all purchases must be for delivery within a 4 mile radius of Farnham town centre. Since the deliveries will be carried out by volunteers, unfortunately we will need to cancel and refund orders placed outside of this radius. All trees arrive from our supplier already wrapped, so it is not possible to select your tree.


Small (3-5ft)£35
Medium (5-6ft)£45
Large (6-7ft)£55
Extra Large (7-8ft)£65



Your tree will be delivered by our team of volunteers on your chosen date. If there is no answer, we will need to leave it on your doorstep as we have lots of trees to deliver and unfortunately are unable to rearrange.

If your house does not have a clear number, is down a private lane, or is otherwise tricky to locate, please ensure we have your contact number or detailed delivery instructions.

The day before your delivery we hope to be able to tell you whether your tree will be dropped off in either the morning or in the afternoon.

If you have any questions, please refer to the contact details in your confirmation email.

Your tree

We’re delighted to say growing conditions have been good this year and the quality of our trees continues to be excellent across all sizes! Our premium Nordmann Fir trees are sourced from sustainable plantations in Denmark and Scotland.

The Nordmann Fir has soft, deep green foliage, smooth grey bark and a good triangular shape. It is often described as being non-drop; this is not strictly true, but it will retain it’s needles better than Norway Spruce – remember to water your tree once in place.

All proceeds from tree sales go straight back into the local community; supporting charities, organisations, and schools. We believe this makes our trees extra special, not only do they bring Christmas joy to our homes but also make a difference to those who need it most within our community.

Tree care

Some helpful hints about looking after your tree:

  • Use a hand saw to trim the bottom 2-3cm off the trunk before securing your tree in a stand (stand not included). Fir trees seal up within an hour of being cut, so this is essential to allow your tree to drink the water you provide it.
  • Your tree will arrive wrapped. After unwrapping and securing in the stand, please allow time for the branches to settle.
  • Keep your tree watered and check regularly to ensure it has enough.
  • Avoid putting your tree near a fire or radiator as it will dry out faster.
  • Enjoy decorating and gazing at your tree; knowing that choosing to buy from us this year has helped local causes!

(and yes, that really is one of our trees from 2020!)

Charity Christmas Tree